Belanjawan 2013 Budget Malaysia

Belanjawan 2013 Budget Malaysia

belanjawan budget 2013

Belanjawan 2013 : Memakmur Negara, Mensejahtera Rakyat: Sebuah Janji Ditepati

Belanjawan 2013 Budget Malaysia 5 Main Focus @ Fokus Utama :
– Merangsang aktiviti pelaburan
– Memperkasa pendidikan & latihan
– Membudayakan inovasi meningkat produktiviti
– Mensejahterakan rakyat

Wanted: 1000 Malaysian social media users to respond to the 2013 Budget. 

Belanjawan 2013 Budget Malaysia  English edition (By Google Translator)

* The provision of RM251.6 billion to implement all measures, programs and projects

* RM201.9 billion is for operating expenditure and RM49.7 billion
for the provision of development.

* RM58.6 billion is allocated for Emoluments, RM33.7 billion for services
and supplies.

* RM30 billion is allocated to the economic sector to meet the needs of
industrial infrastructure, agricultural and rural development.

* RM11.1 billion allocated for the social sector, including education and
training, health, welfare, housing and community development.

* RM4.6 billion is allocated for development of the security sector, RM2 billion
for general administration and RM2 billion for contingencies.

* The government will continue to intensify the implementation of 12 Key Result Areas
Economics (NKEA) countries.

* RM3 billion was allocated for the implementation of the Project Initiation, including RM1.5
billion for agricultural projects such as oil palm, rubber, high-value herbal
and rice.

* RM500 million allocated for the River of Life project to beautify the River
Klang, RM300 million for restoration projects and sewerage pipelines
services and access to water.

* RM358 million allocated under the development expenditure in conjunction with the
Visit Malaysia 2013/2014.

* Advance income tax exemption for three years for operators
handle travel at least 750 foreign tourists or 1.500
local tourists per year.

* Give emphasis on the agricultural sector to increase income
country and ensure the sustainability of food security. RM5.8 billion
allocated to the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry.

* RM30 million has been allocated for the development of agricultural programs include
application of high technology in the production of fruits and vegetables,
increase the supply of quality seeds, price stability through direct sales from
farms, creation and improvement of people’s fish market training institutions

* RM75 million to improve food production and health.

* RM432 million is allocated for replanting palm trees
NKEA plantations.

* RM127 million is allocated for the development of oleo derivatives worth
high that can change the composition of downstream industries.

* Four new granary areas opened and expanded ie day of August,
Stem Lupar, Rompin and Pekan. Increase area of 19,000 hectares with
participation of farmers are expected to produce 104.000 12.237 tonnes
expenditure of RM140 million.

* RM230 million allocated as an incentive to catch fish and allowances
assistance of living. At this time the government gave subsistence allowances
RM200 a month for fishermen, providing an incentive at the rate of 10 cents to 20
cents per kilo of fish catches and promote insurance coverage

Exemption from income tax for 10 years to the company
Tun Razak Exchange status, the stamp duty status and TRX Marquee
tax exemption for real estate developers.

* Endowment Foundation of Malaysia, under the Department of Zakat and Hajj Endowments given
responsibility to formulate a master plan taking into account the Corporate Stops
State Islamic legal structure.

* RM9.0 billion or 43 percent of the cost of the MRT project infrastructure
allocated to Bumiputera companies.

* Bumiputera Financing Fund totaling RM1.0 billion will be provided by the SME
SME Bank to help finance the acquisition of a subsidiary of GLC
non-core activities have been identified for sale.

* Working Capital Guarantee Scheme will be extended until December 2013, and
extended to Bumiputera companies High Performance and qualifications
while shareholders’ funds increased to RM20 million.

* In addition to the RM1 billion special fund for construction, improvement and
School maintenance specific to the urgent need to overhaul
school buildings, maintenance, purchase of equipment and building blocks

* RM1.2 billion is allocated for pre-school education, including the Department
Community Development, Ministry of Education, and the National Unity and PERMATA
National Integration.

* Allocate RM380 million provided under the Ministry of Education to
preschool teacher placement.

* Government proposes launching grant of RM10, 000 to center provider
Early Childhood Education (ECCE) to help them open up private nurseries
high quality products. An estimated 1.000 new private ECCE will benefit.

* Double deduction will be given to employers who provide allowances
or subsidies to workers and nursery facilities and maintenance expenses
care center.

* Exception of income tax for a period of five years and building allowances
industry at 10 per cent per annum to private preschool operators.

* The Government will implement a pilot project nurseries Persons with Disabilities (PWDs)
for six categories of disabled children that include Down syndrome, autism,
vision, deaf and dumb, physical and learning disabilities disabled.

* RM3.7 billion allocated to trains students in technical fields and

* RM200 million allocated for the establishment of “Graduate employability Taskforce”
to enhance the employability of graduates.

* Double deduction on expenses for companies that implement the Scheme
1Malaysia Training. Encouragement first given 1 June 2012 until 2016.

* RM400 million allocated to the Skills Development Fund for
provide loans to benefit nearly 40,000 trainees at Certificate
Malaysia Skill levels one to five.

* RM50 million allocated for training of Indian society for 3.200 students
equip them with skills.

* A total of 1.4 million members Socso can undergo health checks
free in public hospitals or clinics Socso panel.

* Adjustment of the government pension by raising the minimum pension of
RM720 to RM820 effective January 1, 2012.

* Reduction passport charges by 50 per cent from RM300 to
RM150 for the validity period of five years for the elderly and children.

* Eligibility for officer in the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM) is increased
to the Honours Bachelor of paramilitary soldiers, the entry qualification
minimum is increased to the SPM and diploma.

* Grant contributed RM1, 000 a “one-off” of the former military
retired less than 21 and not pensionable service. A total of 224,000
former soldiers will get benefits.

* Housing Loan Division will be restructured in any commercial bank panel
appointed to manage the loans force in January 2013, while the money process
for application pegged at RM100.

* RM591 million is allocated to reduce the crime rate, including adding
number of police personnel, establish Motorcycling Patrol unit, increase
the number of police volunteering team and add installation circuit

* Adding a grant of the National Legal Aid Foundation of RM20

* Provide a grant of RM10, 000 to the residents’ associations to promote
patrols in neighborhoods and provide RM90 million to provide
Rela uniform to active.

* RM276 allocated to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission to
fight against corruption, adding 150 positions each year until it reaches
5,000 members.

* The government will set up a “National Strategic Coordination Unit” to
plan and coordinate the City Transformation Program and Program Transformation

* Center for Urban Transformation (UTC) will be established in Alor Setar, Kuantan, Ipoh,
Johor Bahru, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching, while five RTC created in Malacca,
Johor, Pahang, Sabah and Sarawak.

* RM4.5 billion is allocated to reduce the development gap between urban
and rural areas cover building 441 kilometers of rural roads and road
rural relations, utility infrastructure, Sustainable Rural Program, a program
Aboriginal community economic development as well as supplying water tank 40.000
the interior of Sabah and Sarawak.

* RM19.3 billion allocated for health services and development.
RM20 million to open 70 additional 1Malaysia clinics, which will also
provide cholesterol and glucose testing and urine testing.

* RM50 million allocated for women and community development programs
including the training of 500 women under the Women’s Program Director, improve
Single Mom Entrepreneur Incubator Program, grants of RM1, 000 for “Program
Get Malaysian Business Online “and a free screening mammogram test.

* RM1.2 billion is allocated for the 1Malaysia People’s Welfare program KAR1SMA)
assistance program that covers the elderly, child support, workers allowance
Persons with Disabilities and chronic illness support.

* RM400 million is allocated for Poor End Times (1AZAM) that
expected to benefit 58.330 participants.

* Adding six central Porch Porch Stop and create five love in
Hospital Sibu, Miri, Temerloh, Seremban and Ipoh.

* RM738 million be appropriated for the development of youth and sports. RM15 million
provided to prepare the athletes to international sporting events,
RM50 million for the next four years specifically for Rio Olympics preparations

* The year 2013 was declared as the National Year of volunteerism.

* RM50 million has been allocated for the creation of “New Entrepreneurs Foundation” to
help young entrepreneurs in ICT and RM50 million to create
“Young Entrepreneur Fund”.

* Provide a rebate of RM200 in a “one-off” for the purchase of one unit of the smartphone
3G for youth aged 21 to 30 years.

* RM6 million sebagi provided administrative assistance and activities to all
art association registered.

* RM1.9 billion allocated to build 123,000 housing units with prices
reasonable in strategic areas include home undertaken by
National Housing Company Berhad, 1Malaysia People’s Housing (PR1MA) and Department
National Housing.

* The income limits for individual borrowers increased First Home Scheme
from RM3, 000 to RM5, 000 a month, while the income limits with her husband
wife of RM10, 000.

* Implement second round of grants 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M). It
also extended to individuals bachelor aged 21 years and above who
income does not exceed RM2, 000 a month.

* Reduction in sugar subsidy of 20 sen per kg from 29 September 2012 and
allocate RM1.5 billion to stabilize the price of cooking oil in the market.

* RM386 million allocated for the opening 57 and the 1Malaysia People’s Shop
bear the cost of transport of the products from the peninsula to Sabah, Sarawak and

* 50 percent discount on fares for ferry passengers from Labuan to Sabah and
Sarawak as well as a 50 percent discount on ferry fares for commercial vehicles
transporting goods and construction needs to Labuan.

* EPF contributors are allowed to withdraw in Account 2 for pilgrims Muassasah
to meet the shortage of low cost with a limit of RM3, 000.

* Personal income tax rates reduced by one per cent for the
annual taxable income exceeding RM2, 500 to RM50, 000.
* School bus operators who purchase new buses to replace buses
aged over 25 years will be given a cash rebate of RM10, 000 and the interest rate subsidy
two per cent on the loan.

* Scheme Personal accident insurance cover, total and permanent disability
death of school children who use the school bus service
berpermit with a maximum coverage of RM100, 000.

* RM2.6 billion allocated for welfare programs for school students from
low-income families include hostel food aid, the Plan
Supplements, purchase textbooks and additional school aid payments.
* RM100 school aid program to elementary school students and
secondary school students continued from January 2013 with an allocation of RM540 million.
* Continuing 1Malaysia Book Voucher program to students of institutions
higher education and pre-university and the vouchers increased from RM200
to RM250.

* Tax relief for National Education Savings Scheme (SSPN) increased
from RM3, 000 to RM6, 000.

* 20 percent discount for borrowers who complete loan thus
National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN), while borrowers
consistently paying loans will enjoy a discount of 10 per cent per annum.

* 100 Internet centers will be established in the 1Malaysia people’s housing
for the period 2013 to 2015 with an allocation of RM150 million.

* Extra month salary bonus for civil servants whose first payment
will be made in December 2012, while another month in January 2013 and payment
RM500 to government pensioners.


Belanjawan 2013 Budget Malaysia Malay Edition

* Peruntukan RM251.6 bilion bagi melaksanakan semua langkah, program dan projek

* RM201.9 bilion diperuntukkan bagi perbelanjaan mengurus dan RM49.7 bilion
bagi peruntukkan pembangunan.

* RM58.6 bilion diperuntukkan bagi Emolumen dan RM33.7 bilion bagi perkhidmatan
dan bekalan.

* RM30 bilion diperuntukkan bagi sektor ekonomi untuk menampung keperluan
infrastruktur perindustrian serta pertanian dan pembangunan luar bandar.

* RM11.1 bilion diperuntukkan bagi sektor sosial termasuk pendidikan dan
latihan, kesihatan, kebajikan, perumahan serta pembangunan masyarakat.

* RM4.6 bilion diperuntukkan bagi pembangunan sektor keselamatan, RM2 bilion
bagi pentadbiran am dan RM2 bilion untuk simpanan luar jangka.

* Kerajaan akan terus memperhebat pelaksanaan 12 Bidang Keberhasilan Utama
Ekonomi (NKEA) negara.

* RM3 bilion diperuntukkan bagi pelaksanaan Projek Permulaan, termasuk RM1.5
bilion bagi projek pertanian seperti kelapa sawit, getah, herba bernilai tinggi
dan padi.

* RM500 juta diperuntukkan bagi projek River of Life bagi mengindahkan Sungai
Klang, RM300 juta untuk projek pemulihan rangkaian paip dan pembetungan bagi
perkhidmatan dan kemudahan air.

* RM358 juta diperuntukkan di bawah perbelanjaan pembangunan sempena Tahun
Melawat Malaysia 2013/2014.

* Lanjutan pengecualian cukai pendapatan selama tiga tahun bagi pengusaha
pelancongan yang mengendalikan sekurang-kurangnya 750 pelancong asing atau 1,500
pelancong tempatan setahun.

* Memberi penekanan kepada sektor pertanian untuk meningkatkan pendapatan
negara dan memastikan kelestarian jaminan bekalan makanan. RM5.8 bilion
diperuntukkan kepada Kementerian Pertanian dan Industri Asas Tani.

* RM30 juta diperuntukkan bagi pembangunan program pertanian merangkumi
aplikasi penggunaan teknologi tinggi dalam pengeluaran buah dan sayuran,
peningkatan bekalan benih berkualiti, kestabilan harga melalui jualan terus dari
ladang, pewujudan pasar ikan rakyat serta penambahbaikan institusi latihan

* RM75 juta bagi meningkatkan pengeluaran produk makanan dan kesihatan.

* RM432 juta disediakan untuk program penanaman semula pokok kelapa sawit di
bawah NKEA sektor perladangan.

* RM127 juta disediakan untuk pembangunan bahan terbitan oleo bernilai
tinggi yang dapat mengubah komposisi industri hiliran.

* Empat kawasan jelapang padi baru dibuka dan diperluas iaitu di Kota Belud,
Batang Lupar, Rompin dan Pekan. Pertambahan seluas 19,000 hektar dengan
penyertaan 12,237 pesawah dijangka menghasilkan 104,000 tan metrik dengan
perbelanjaan sebanyak RM140 juta.

* RM230 juta diperuntukkan sebagai insentif tangkapan ikan dan bayaran elaun
bantuan sara hidup nelayan. Pada masa ini kerajaan memberi elaun sara hidup
RM200 sebulan kepada nelayan, menyediakan insentif pada kadar 10 sen hingga 20
sen sekilo bagi hasil tangkapan ikan dan memperkenal skim perlindungan insuran

* Pengecualian cukai pendapatan bagi tempoh 10 tahun kepada syarikat
berstatus Tun Razak Exchange, pengecualian duti setem berstatus TRX Marquee dan
pengecualian cukai bagi pemaju hartanah.

* Yayasan Wakaf Malaysia, di bawah Jabatan Wakaf Zakat dan Haji diberi
tanggungjawab untuk merangka pelan induk Wakaf Korporat dengan mengambil kira
struktur perundangan Agama Islam Negeri.

* RM9.0 bilion atau 43 peratus daripada nilai kos infrastruktur projek MRT
diperuntukkan kepada syarikat Bumiputera.

* Dana Pembiayaan Bumiputera berjumlah RM1.0 bilion akan disediakan oleh SME
Bank untuk membantu PKS membiayai pengambilalihan anak syarikat milik GLC yang
menjalankan aktiviti bukan teras dan telah dikenal pasti untuk dijual.

* Skim Jaminan Modal Kerja akan dilanjutkan sehingga Disember 2013, dan
diperluaskan kepada syarikat Bumiputera Berprestasi Tinggi serta kelayakan
manakala dana pemegang saham syarikat ditingkatkan kepada RM20 juta.

* Tambahan RM1 bilion lagi kepada Tabung Khas Pembinaan, Penambahbaikan dan
Penyelenggaraan Sekolah khusus bagi keperluan mendesak untuk membaik pulih
bangunan sekolah, penyelenggaraan, pembelian peralatan dan pembinaan blok

* RM1.2 bilion diperuntukkan bagi pendidikan prasekolah termasuk kepada Jabatan
Kemajuan Masyarakat, Kementerian Pelajaran, PERMATA dan Jabatan Perpaduan dan
Intergrasi Nasional.

* Peruntukkan RM380 juta disediakan di bawah Kementerian Pelajaran untuk
penempatan guru prasekolah.

* Kerajaan mencadangkan geran pelancaran RM10,000 kepada penyedia Pusat
Pendidikan Awal Kanak-kanak (ECCE) swasta untuk membantu mereka membuka taska
baru yang berkualiti. Dianggarkan 1,000 ECCE swasta baru akan mendapat manfaat.

* Potongan cukai dua kali akan diberi kepada majikan yang menyediakan elaun
atau subsidi kepada pekerja dan perbelanjaan penyelenggaraan kemudahan taska dan
pusat jagaan.

* Pengecualiaan cukai pendapatan untuk tempoh lima tahun dan elaun bangunan
industri pada kadar 10 peratus setahun kepada pengusaha prasekolah swasta.

* Kerajaan akan melaksanakan projek perintis taska Orang Kurang Upaya (OKU)
bagi enam kategori kanak-kanak OKU yang merangkumi sindrom down, autisme,
penglihatan, pekak dan bisu, fizikal dan OKU masalah pembelajaran.

* RM3.7 bilion diperuntukkan untuk melatih pelajar dalam bidang teknikal dan

* RM200 juta diperuntukkan untuk penubuhan “Graduate Employability Taskforce”
untuk memperkukuhkan kebolehpasaran graduan.

* Potongan cukai dua kali ke atas perbelanjaan syarikat yang melaksanakan Skim
Latihan 1Malaysia. Galakan mula diberi 1 Jun 2012 sehingga 2016.

* RM400 juta diperuntukkan kepada Perbadanan Tabung Pembangunan Kemahiran bagi
memberi pinjaman untuk dimanfaatkan hampir 40,000 pelatih di peringkat Sijil
Kemahiran Malaysia tahap satu hingga lima.

* RM50 juta diperuntukkan untuk melatih 3,200 pelajar masyarakat India bagi
memperlengkapkan mereka dengan kemahiran.

* Seramai 1.4 juta anggota Perkeso boleh menjalani pemeriksaan kesihatan
percuma di hospital kerajaan atau klinik panel Perkeso.

* Pelarasan pencen pesara kerajaan dengan menaikkan pencen minimum daripada
RM720 kepada RM820 berkuatkuasa 1 Jan 2012.

*Pengurangan caj bayaran pasport sebanyak 50 peratus daripada RM300 kepada
RM150 untuk tempoh sah laku lima tahun bagi warga emas dan kanak-kanak.

* Kelayakan masuk bagi pegawai Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (ATM) ditingkatkan
kepada Ijazah Sarjana Muda Kepujian dan bagi askar laskar, kelayakan masuk
minimum ditingkatkan ke peringkat SPM dan diploma.

* Pemberian sumbangan RM1,000 secara “one-off” kepada bekas tentera yang
bersara kurang daripada 21 perkhidmatan serta tidak berpencen. Seramai 224,000
bekas tentera akan mendapat manfaat.

* Bahagian Pinjaman Perumahan akan disusun semula di mana panel bank komersial
dilantik untuk menguruskan pinjaman berkuat kuasa Jan 2013, manakala wang proses
bagi permohonan ditetapkan pada kadar RM100.

*RM591 juta diperuntukkan bagi mengurangkan kadar jenayah termasuk menambah
bilangan anggota polis, menubuhkan Unit Rondaan Bermotosikal, meningkatkan
jumlah anggota pasukan sukarewalan polis dan menambah pemasangan kamera litar

* Menambah peruntukan geran Yayasan Bantuan Guaman Kebangsaan sebanyak RM20

* Memberi geran RM10,000 kepada persatuan penduduk untuk menggalakkan aktiviti
rondaan di kawasan kejiranan dan memperuntukkan RM90 juta untuk menyediakan
seragam kepada anggota Rela yang aktif.

*RM276 diperuntukkan kepada Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia untuk
membanteras rasuah selain menambah 150 perjawatan setiap tahun sehingga mencapai
5,000 anggota.

* Kerajaan akan menubuhkan “National Strategic Coordination Unit” untuk
merancang dan menyelaras Program Transformasi Bandar dan Program Transformasi
Luar Bandar.

* Pusat Transformasi Bandar (UTC) akan diwujudkan di Alor Setar, Kuantan, Ipoh,
Johor Bahru, Kota Kinabalu dan Kuching, manakala lima RTC diwujudkan di Melaka,
Johor, Pahang, Sabah dan Sarawak.

* RM4.5 bilion diperuntukkan bagi mengurangkan jurang pembangunan antara bandar
dan luar bandar meliputi pembinaan 441 kilometer jalan luar bandar dan jalan
perhubungan desa, projek infrastruktur utiliti, Program Desa Lestari, program
pembangunan ekonomi masyarakat Orang Asli serta membekalkan 40,000 tangki air di
kawasan pedalam Sabah dan Sarawak.

* RM19.3 bilion diperuntukkan bagi perkhidmatan dan pembangunan kesihatan.
RM20 juta untuk membuka tambahan 70 Klinik 1Malaysia, yang akan turut
menyediakan perkhidmatan ujian kolestrol dan glukosa serta ujian air kencing.

* RM50 juta diperuntukkan untuk program pembangunan wanita dan masyarakat
termasuk melatih 500 wanita di bawah Program Pengarah Wanita, meningkatkan
Program Inkubator Keusahawan Ibu Tunggal, pemberian geran RM1,000 untuk “Program
Get Malaysian Business Online” dan pemeriksaan percuma ujian Mamogram.

* RM1.2 bilion diperuntukkan untuk program Kebajikan Rakyat 1Malaysia KAR1SMA)
yang meliputi program bantuan warga emas, bantuan kanak-kanak, elaun pekerja
Orang Kurang Upaya serta bantuan penyakit kronik.

* RM400 juta diperuntukkan untuk program Akhiri Zaman Miskin (1AZAM) yang
dijangka memanfaatkan 58,330 peserta.

* Menambah enam pusat Anjung Singgah dan mewujudkan lima Anjung Kasih di
Hospital Sibu, Miri, Temerloh, Seremban dan Ipoh.

* RM738 juta Ringgit diperuntukkan bagi pembangunan belia dan sukan. RM15 juta
diperuntukkan bagi mempersiapkan para atlet ke kejohanan sukan antarabangsa,
RM50 juta lagi untuk tempoh empat tahun khusus untuk persiapan Sukan Olimpik Rio

* Tahun 2013 diisytiharkan sebagai Tahun Kesukarelawan Nasional.

* RM50 juta diperuntukkan bagi mewujudkan “New Entrepreneur Foundation” untuk
membantu usahawan muda dalam bidang ICT dan RM50 juta lagi untuk mewujudkan
“Young Entrepreneur Fund”.

* Memberi rebat RM200 secara “one-off” bagi pembelian satu unit telefon pintar
3G untuk belia berumur 21 hingga 30 tahun.

*RM6 juta diperuntukkan sebagi bantuan pentadbiran dan kegiatan kepada semua
persatuan seni yang berdaftar.

* RM1.9 bilion diperuntukkan bagi membina 123,000 unit rumah dengan harga
berpatutan di kawasan-kawasan strategik merangkumi rumah yang dilaksanakan oleh
Syarikat Perumahan Negara Berhad, Perumahan Rakyat 1Malaysia (PR1MA) dan Jabatan
Perumahan Negara.

* Had pendapatan peminjam perseorangan bagi Skim Rumah Pertamaku dinaikkan
daripada RM3,000 kepada RM5,000 sebulan, manakala had pendapatan bersama suami
isteri RM10,000.

* Melaksanakan pemberian pusingan kedua Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M). Ia
juga diperluaskan kepada individu bujang berumur 21 tahun dan ke atas yang
berpendapatan tidak melebihi RM2,000 sebulan.

* Pengurangan subsidi gula 20 sen sekilogram mulai 29 Sept 2012 dan
memperuntukkan RM1.5 bilion bagi menstabilkan harga minyak masak di pasaran.

* RM386 juta diperuntukkan bagi membuka 57 Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia dan
menanggung kos pengangkutan produk dari Semenanjung ke Sabah, Sarawak dan

* Diskaun 50 peratus ke atas tambang penumpang feri dari Labuan ke Sabah dan
Sarawak serta diskaun 50 peratus ke atas tambang feri bagi kenderaan komersial
mengangkut barang keperluan dan binaan ke Labuan.

* Pencarum KWSP dibenarkan membuat pengeluaran di Akaun 2 bagi jemaah muassasah
untuk menampung kekurangan kos tambang dengan had pengeluaran RM3,000.

*Kadar cukai pendapatan individu diturunkan satu peratus bagi kumpulan
berpendapatan bercukai tahunan melebihi RM2,500 hingga RM50,000.
* Pengusaha bas sekolah yang membeli bas baru untuk mengantikan bas yang
berusia lebih 25 tahun akan diberi rebat tunai RM10,000 dan subsidi kadar faedah
dua peratus ke atas pinjaman.

* Skim perlindungan insurans kemalangan diri, hilang upaya kekal dan
kematian kepada murid sekolah yang menggunakan perkhidmatan bas sekolah
berpermit dengan had maksimum perlindungan RM100,000.

*RM2.6 bilion diperuntukkan bagi program kebajikan pelajar sekolah daripada
keluarga berpendapatan rendah merangkumi bantuan makanan asrama, Rancangan
Makanan Tambahan, pembelian buku teks dan bantuan bayaran tambahan persekolahan.
* Program bantuan persekolahan RM100 kepada pelajar sekolah rendah dan
pelajar sekolah menengah diteruskan mulai Jan 2013 dengan peruntukan RM540 juta.
* Meneruskan program Baucar Buku 1Malaysia kepada pelajar institusi
pengajian tinggi dan pra-universiti dan nilai baucar dinaikkan daripada RM200
kepada RM250.

* Pelepasan cukai bagi Skim Simpanan Pendidikan Nasional (SSPN) dinaikkan
daripada RM3,000 kepada RM6,000.

* Diskaun 20 peratus bagi peminjam yang menyelesaikan sekali gus pinjaman
Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN), manakala peminjam yang
membayar pinjaman secara konsisten akan menikmati diskaun 10 peratus setahun.

* 100 Pusat Internet 1Malaysia akan diwujudkan di kawasan perumahan rakyat
bagi tempoh 2013 hingga 2015 dengan peruntukan RM150 juta.

* Tambahan bonus sebulan gaji bagi penjawat awam yang mana bayaran pertama
akan dibuat pada Dis 2012, manakala sebulan lagi pada Jan 2013 dan bayaran
RM500 kepada pesara kerajaan.

 Wanted: 1000 Malaysian social media users to respond to the 2013 Budget. 

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